Tanya Trunov

Award Nomination:

Community Activism


Art One Academy/ Sail Through Life Book


Owner/ Author




Tanya Trunov is the author, speaker, leadership and abundance coach. Being a successful entrepreneur and an owner of an art school franchising, she still felt that she wasn’t fulfilling her true purpose. Tanya has discovered her potential to heal and transform her and other people’s lives not through rough force but through allowing and accepting the assistance of greater power. Her main content is unconditional love and service to others.

Tanya’s book Sail Through Life came to light as a result of her exciting project Sail to Wellness where she has launched numerous of wellness-oriented sailing trips to exotic and isolated places. She applies herself in the roles of first mate, yoga and meditation coach, as well as a cook and nutrition consultant.

It was a paradigm discovery to see how spending 7 days on the sailing boat surrounded by pristine nature resets people to their default setting – happiness.

A small group of exceptional people embarks on a sailing adventure of a lifetime to:

get a unique vacation experience where they disconnect from everyday life to channel their spiritual energy for empowering the real world for more health, clarity, wealth, unconditional love and inner peace.

Explore many islands or places in one trip

Customize the activities, location, and time

Enjoy luxury and comfort that modern catamarans can offer