Teisha Gentles

Award Nomination:

Entrepreneurship and Business


Hidden Smirk Photobooth


Founder/Managing Director




Established in Aug 2021 and born out of the pandemic, Owner Teisha Gentles is living her purpose with Hidden Smirk Photo Booth, Toronto's Premier Photobooth. We realize that while our smirks are no longer hidden by physical masks, many of us have emotional masks that you can feel free to remove to allow my camera to capture your full range of emotions!

What I am most proud of is the amazing positive feedback we get after events and in response to our social media presence. We love what we do and it truly shows.

How Our Business is Different

While our smiles are no longer hidden my masks, we realize that when people use a photobooth, they often have emotional masks- perhaps not liking the way they look or nervous about being around large groups of people, we create an inclusive environment that allows everyone to shine. Our Customer service is top-notch and with every event, we gather more information to anticipate our clients needs.

We pride ourselves on knowing how to add value to your event, being extremely knowledgeable about our equipment, and providing superior customer service for each and every guest, co-vendor, and referral.