Tracy F Barry

Award Nomination:

The Waterfront Award for Outstanding Achievement!


GROW Women Leaders






Tracy Folorunsho-Barry is an author, Founder and CEO of GROW Women Leaders and GROW Foundation. She is an award-winning career strategist who has dedicated her career to helping thousands of women, especially immigrants and BIPOC women, access new opportunities in their career.

In 2017, under GROW Foundation, Barry launched Project150: Accomplished Immigrant Women in Canada and the Speak Out Women series where she began gathering stories from more than 200 immigrant women across Canada who have overcome adversity to achieve success in their careers and lives. They shared their stories and expressed that they wished they had known about the knowledge, resources and guidance available for them to succeed. While collecting their stories of resilience, Barry realised the wealth of knowledge these women possessed and the valuable insights that they could share with other immigrant women and their communities. Thus, the book, Untold Stories of Immigrant Women in Canada was published.

Barry’s work did not stop there; she knew there were still gaps in empowerment, leadership and career development services for immigrant women and she knew she had to do something to bridge these gaps.

Later in 2018, Barry founded GROW Women Leaders, a career leadership development and advancement platform designed to help women get hired and advance their careers. With the launched GROW Digital Platform is which is creative innovative digital talent platform designed to help women get hired and advance their careers.

goal is to help women connect to companies locally and internationally, transcend and reach their full potential through personal development, leadership, civic engagement and entrepreneurship. Since then, Barry has supported thousands of women in Alberta and across the country