Yana Fishman

Award Nomination:

Entrepreneurship and Business


88Keys Music and Discovery Centre


Studio Director




After immigrating to Canada, Yana built very successful and promising career in the corporate world from Software Engineer to Project/ Program Manager. She was well respected and appreciated by her managers, her peers, and colleagues.

Despite her very successful and promising career, she has decided to explore a path of a business owner and have acquired a music school located in Richmond Hill. Without any music background, she managed to establish herself as a successful business owner by successfully managing a move to a newer and bigger location, building up a strong team of professional and passionate teachers, and tripling the student numbers within the first 2 years going from 110 to 420 students.

Her music school became very well known in the community. In 2017 she has been nominated and won RHBOT Best Small Business Award.

When COVID hit, she mobilized the team, and in only 2 weeks, the school was migrated to the online program delivery. But she did not stop there. By September 2020, in anticipation of cold and flue season, all classrooms were optimized for hybrid program delivery, resulting in 80% client retention during the most uncertain times. Her ability to anticipate client needs, foresee the risks, asses the impact and act accordingly, has paid off. She was praised for being pro-active, adaptive, and successfully managing the school through most challenging times. Her school continues to be amongst Three Top Rated in Richmond Hill.